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Yadavindrians forge their path to future success amid uncertain times

YPS’s pioneering step, in association with iTinker, to bring the future of education to our students has borne great results. Aisha Gupta, a 5th grader, is now among the top 5 nationally, along with fourteen others in top 50.

In 2020, we all have seen technology coming to the fore in all aspects of life, especially so in education. The unprecedented last year has seen all of us finding innovative ways to use virtual meetups for education as well as play. And one thing has become obvious - we not only need to consume technology, but also learn how to develop and apply it in our lives. That is the key to future success of our children.       

In recognizing this need, we took a decision to help our students get ahead by introducing the technology learning platform, iTinker. Around 200 students enrolled themselves and even in these difficult times, they performed exceptionally, keeping up the tradition of excellence at YPS.

One student who deserves a special mention is Aisha Gupta, a 5th grader with us. With utmost dedication from her mother and unwavering support from her father, she has single handedly completed more than 35 working projects during the last four months, ranging in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Mobile App Development, Robotics, Augmented Reality and more. She is the first student to be featured on the iTinker website’s Tinkerworld section - https://itinker.in/aisha.php . She has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to all our budding leaders.

Arnav Aggarwal, an 8th grader, has another such story. He has always been interested in technology, and has learnt several platforms in coding, 3D modeling and animations, along with his good friend Dev Malhotra. With iTinker, they both have been able to channel their acquired skills properly by contributing content to the platform itself, while learning plenty of new stuff along the way. They are both currently engaged in a secret project, and We Are Excited!

We congratulate many other students with stories like Aisha, Arnav, and Dev. Special mention to Ojaswi Jain (a 4th grader), and his sister Tripti Jain, who have shown immense will to learn. And kudos to Aayush Garg, Kanav Bansal, Agaaz Aggarwal, Guntas Pabla and Inayat Pabla for keeping the spark of curiosity alive.

In January, based on the feedback from students and parents, we initiated the second step in skill development for students by providing them LIVE learning sessions. A lot of our youngsters have come to the fore including Manraj, Saihajleen, Bikram, Zareen, Srishti, Pranay and Kritika (all from 4th grade). They have shown immense interest in building their skills in topics as varied as Robotics, Mobile App Development and Artificial Intelligence. Their imagination and creativity is something to behold.

As the COVID restrictions are lifted, we will bring even more innovative initiatives for our students to make them truly future ready! And we look forward to many such wonderful stories from our students in the future.