Fees Structure

Boarders (Rs)

Day Scholars(Rs)



1 Quarterly Payment - 26,500/-
2 Half Yearly Payment 1,38,800/- 53,000/-
3 Annual Payment 2,77,600/- 1,06,000/-

IMPREST (Adjustable against actual bill)

1 Class IV & above 50,000 20,000/-
2 Class I & II & III --- 10,000/-

CHARGES (Only at the time of Admission only)

1 Admission Fee 13,600/- 13,600/-
2 Building Development Fund 13,600/- 13,600/-
3 Caution Money (Refundable) 1,38,800/- 53,000/-
Computerization of Accounts has been implemented for the convenience of all and the related changes in the procedure may kindly be noted and followed.



Computer generated Deposit Advice Form with the "Amount Due" would be issued by Fee section of the school. Only the 'Exact Amount' as mentioned in the Deposit form should be deposited in the School with the Fee Section. "Part payment" will not be accepted by the School. Deposit Form can be obtained from the fee section/Cashier window which is accessible from the outer side of the office building.


Amount due may be deposited with State Bank of India (YPS Branch), A/c No. 10002101901 IFSC Code: SBIN0008303, Patiala.Payment by cheque/cash will not be accepted.


Boarders are required to pay fee the Total Amount in two instalments on six monthly basis by 7th April and 7th October. All Day Scholars are required to pay the Total amount in four instalments on Quarterly basis on 7th April, 7th July, 7th October and 7th January. Since July instalment would be during summer holidays, please ''arrange '' timely deposit to avoid late fine.

Late Fee Fine


Late fee fine at the rate of ₹ 100/- per day shall be charged after the Due date which would be 7th of April and October for Boarders and 7th of April, July, October and January for Day Scholars. Name of the child who does not deposit fee by the last day of the month shall be stuck of rolls. Such students shall have to seek ''Re-admission'' after payment of re-admission charges of ₹ 1,000/- along with amount due and fine.

Withdrawal Notice


Notice of withdrawal must be given one month in advance. Failure to do so will entail the payment of one month's fee in lieu of the notice.


Fees are subject to periodic revision as per the directions of the Board of Governors, YPS Patiala.

Refund of Caution Money


Caution money must be claimed within three months of the child's withdrawal else it would lapse.